Betrothed, my plight.

With the dice, no choice.

My degree of throw, my outcome rolls.

A game of chance – probability.

My prediction overrules my ability.

A utopian daydream…

Away in wonderland with a different personality.

One of my very choice.

Now faced with a sudden reality.

The overwhelming news of my parent’s departure.

My present demise, my new untimely fate.

If I only beheld the right prediction,
I would escape this plight of troth.

My voice is cast, my choice not vast.

This man, the new development, my worst night terror in broad day. 

Old rich and probably a fool.

Unlike my dreams; under the skies blue, with my mensch charming. 

Of noble descent, a heart tender enthralled in my love. 

Fulfilling smiles, in the flowers orgeat we lay hoping our need to be together will finally merge with the stars and enliven the future bright.

My voice is cast; my choice not vast.

A life forever with him whom I have no choice

None I will ever desire.

Then I ask, ‘why me???’

With greedy eyes and drunken lips, the ogre in my father’s brother replies, ‘pretty you. Enough money you would bring. A financial delight!’

Pity me. Such alcoholic thirst. In tears I burst.

My voice is cast; my choice not vast.

Where to go? 

To love divine
Or this curse horrid.

My voice is cast; my choice not vast.
(This piece was My very first feature on the Speak Ghana Site, grateful for the audience).


... because we don't really know.

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