The Millers

The Millers are not the quirky Americans you might have heard of who live down the #10 Rabbit street neither are they neighbors with the Greeks two blocks away.

The Millers, on the contrary, are indigenes of the Ga community in Ghana. They hail from La.

Their original name was Ghartey.

When the British settlers moved south, they bought maize farms that required the services of the Ghartey. But because they could not pronounce the name properly, they called them the Millers.

The Millers birth children who loved the waters and married women who cooked and sold kenkey.

Kenkey is a corn meal best eaten hot with kpakposhito and kenam, toss in some starkist or sardine and you’re game!

These families worked the central Mill inland. Their technique became a skill passed from father to son.

A vocation of white flour and dough.

Make believe series 01


... because we don't really know.

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